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30th October 2014

12:38am: Still alive
I'm still out here.

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3rd April 2013

11:11pm: I'm baaaaaaaack!

Lets see. A few things have happened in the past few years since I wrote in here.

My boy has gone to kindy, then on to preschool and now year one. My beautiful car got too old to maintain and so my fabulous family all rallied together to get me a newer car. My man and I started trying for bub number two. While about five months pregnant I drove, with Little Man and my Mum to Victoria and back. What a ride! XD

Little Miss made her debut apearance later in the year. Poor Little Man, now had to share his Mummy and Daddy. Bit of an adjustment for him but I think he really is turning out to be a lovely big brother.

Little Lady is living up to her namesake. I truely dont know how she is getting the mannerisms so right.

Later this year My Man and I will be celebrating our tenth year of marriage. I'm hoping that I can set up a casualish party in Kings Park where we can share the wedding cake I was supposed to have on the orriginal day

That pretty much sums up what has happened. I wouldn't change a thing.

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12th September 2010

6:31am: Well I was right.....
Timelords are a girls best friend as performed by twatface herself is an embarrassment. What an absolute waste of money time and energy all of which she claims to have very little of at most times in her life.

I want my four minutes and change back god damn it! I can't believe I sat through the whole thing. Maybe I just wanted to see if it got any better.


Poor dancing, poor acting, poor video, poor people associated with this tripe. The list goes on and on.
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27th August 2010

11:35pm: Gods I hope she doesn't breed.....
I got told off by a silly little checkout chick at Tar'get today. I think the silly little shit was having a bad day, either that or she had a bad smell under her nose? So I ask one of the plebs where I can get a catalog, I get pointed to the service desk which used to be where you walk in but is now at the far end. I make a bee line for it which takes me up the isle of the checkouts which is the out way.

Silly bitch says "Excuse me this is the way out you have to go back out and around." Now I know that seems nice enough but the tone and the totally disregarding the customer in front of her to point rudely the way out and then the obvious way around like I am a simpleton was what rubbed me the wrong way.

I said "Don't be ridiculous!" And continued on my way.

It was late in the afternoon there were three customers in line and a clear path to my destination. Had it been busy and crowded I probably would've gone round. I had been on my feet all day walking everywhere with Little Man in tow. I was in no mood for that kind of shit. And when your shortest path is up the wrong way and it does no one any harm or put anyone out in any form I will go that way.

When I went to pay for my items I was of half a mind to try and avoid her register but she did it for me. If I was to have been served by her I was going to tell her some good advise. But when it came turn to serve me she procrastinated by fiddling with her bags which were obviously already on their hooks and ready to go. What a gutless wonder. I was waiting to be called but I should have just walked up to her like a rude customer.

By the way there is no signage to say that you aren't allowed to make a bee line for the service desk and even if there was I would now ignore it to make a point.
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15th August 2010

2:30am: "Cum-filled donuts will NEVER BE NOT FUNNY TO ME".....
"Cum-filled donuts will NEVER BE NOT FUNNY TO ME"

And this doesn't come across as oral rape to her???


Some things you can just get away with then eh double standard bitch!

Rape jokes are ok are they if told by certain comedians???

Next time have a trigger warning wah wah wah!

What you need is to have your internets and your life in general sanitised for you poor little brain to cope.

wah wah wah wah wah wah oh and poke your eyes out too while your at it just for good measure.

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20th July 2010

2:19pm: You sure as hell better not be blaming me for your stupid decisions.....
If a certain person's parent's had brought her up right she would have known that it was not a done thing to get NAKED in front of someone else's husband.

I found an email from her the other night saying she wished she knew how I felt about him having nekid chicks in front of him. Of course I don't like it! fuckwit! Damn stupid douchebag thinks that is ok eh? Most people would have thought better of it. You get naked for a reaction, to show off your body.

Had it not been for her actions he would not have had (can't figure out this next bit) any attraction to you or access to your skanky bits.

Count yourself lucky that you came across him and not any one who wished you harm seeing as nothing happened anyway (in your own words)

I think you owe us an apology. You are an accident waiting to happen. And I hope that if it does happen it goes down no where near us cause I am sick of your pathetic whining about it. I'll bet your sister has even told you that she is sick of it and that your "incident" is embarrassing and insulting when what she went through was something. Was traumatic. Was REAL!

You imagination is very active but also very poor and it is high time you just shut the fuck up.

K thanks byeee!

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12th June 2010

12:17pm: And feminists are an even purer type of female humans.
But I thought that most feminists were striving to make themselves what men were seen to be, arrogant fucktards. Oh wait at least one that I know of is succeeding in her own pathetic way of being a "better" woman.

Just stop already twat. (you know who you are)

You have lied and your body is telling you such. I just feel sad for all the poor suckers you have convinced of your bullshit cause when you really do need help..... Well if your parents were even half way good at their jobs you would know of the boy who cried wolf or a story of equivalent value.
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8th June 2010

6:53am: I love the new doctor's companion.....
She is a feisty Scottish lass. Lovely long fiery fed hair. Her accent is to die for. The actresses name is Karen (damn good name even if I say so myself)

Reminds me of me. Ok so only half of me I'm only half Scottish a long ways back. Shame I didn't get the hair.

Love this lovely lady.

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24th May 2010

12:52am: Well lets see.....
The weekend of horror!

I am having one of those weekends that you want to just press delete on seriously.

Was invited to dinner by friends. (This is one of the few good parts) Had a verbal fight with My Man before it was time for us to go and so I left without him.

Got to my destination (late) feeling fragile and worn out and to be honest probably not the best company.

Had a Little Man who was being rather persistent in being loud and rather annoying. My Man and I usually swap off watching him and interacting with hosts which usually work well and gives us time to gather our thoughts and enjoy our hosts company.

When it came to dinner, Little Man is a fussy eater and refused to eat what was offered (I know where he gets that from. Me!) I'm quite sure I managed to offend my host's cooking by not eating something that I am not used to. I'm so sorry I really do have a problem with some textures and yeah I'll stop there I know I'm digging my hole deeper. The meat was lovely and so tender though.

Little Man was getting up to no good being loud and not doing as he was told and one of my host's tried a technique I was not down with to try and get him to behave. I had him try the same move on me and I discovered that although it was within the restrained person's ability to control the amount of discomfort they were feeling this thought process is (I am quite sure) beyond a boy of three's reasoning. All he would have thought is ow that hurts and you are doing it to me. I laughed it off at the time but it was more of a nervous laugh than anything. Once again I fail at protecting Little Man from something I wouldn't want done to myself.

I should have stopped it right then and there and gone home, I should have seen where the evening was heading, I should have listened to my instincts. Everything was saying not tonight!

Later Little Man is dancing to music by spinning around whilst I chat to my hosts and I hear the sound of a Little Man falling and then the ow sounds start. He had fallen and bit his lower lip open quite badly. Of course he begins bleeding all over the place (Sorry for that) and screaming rather a lot.

I hate it when kids scream and especially when they do it for no damn good reason. It shits me to tears! Now if they are genuinely hurt, truly scared shitless or out in a park having fun then I can not see any reason to tell them to shut up! I don't like the sound any more than the next person but there are times and places for it.

Now Little Man had just hurt himself rather badly and was screaming right in my ear and it got to a point where one of my hosts couldn't handle the noise any more but what I "think" he said is what upset me rather a lot. Gods I hope I heard wrong but it sounded like he said that if Little Man didn't stop he would be more than a little tempted to *punch* him????

I get the feeling that host thought that Little Man was putting it on. I can assure you it wasn't put on the fact that he stopped intermittently was only to find out if it was still hurting and when he found out that it was he would start again. That happens. I fucking do it too. You know keep crying when you find out that you are still hurting, sad or upset!

I was going to go as soon as it had stopped bleeding but that was more than a sign for me to go. I should have called and said that I wasn't going to come but I thought that would have been rude but what happened when I did turn up I think was worse than canceling on the dinner date.

When I came home I couldn't even have a consolation hug from My Man cause we weren't being friendly to each other. I just wish that I could have crawled into a hole and stayed there for a long time.

Maybe I'll just not go out anywhere for a good while longer. I am sorry that the evening was such a fuckup and I hope that we are still alright but maybe minus the Little Man.
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9th March 2010

3:15am: Anniversaries.....
This Valentines day just past 14.2.10 was the tenth anniversary of me having met My Man. We (being a group of friends who gathered to go ice skating once a week.) were at the local Mackas. I had just had my tattoo done on my back and wasn't up for skating due to a stress headache so I caught up with people at the Mackas.

I saw this rather striking, cheeky young man talking to people I knew and my heart fluttered. I could never have such a man but maybe I can at least get to know him maybe even be his friend. I would be happy if I could manage to pull that off.

I did my best to try and act cool, not too outrageous and not too meek. I failed miserably. I wound up talking about my tattoo experience and the resulting headache. I wound up talking (rather loudly) with me mate Jacks about vibrators that were in a catalog that she had brought with her. (Don't ask me why she had it, she just did.)

I managed to wrangle a very effective headache relieving massage out of this gorgeous man. I couldn't believe my luck. I think we may have exchanged email I'm not sure but I was thinking this will be the first and last time I hear or see this man. I could have cried. Here I go again pinning for someone who doesn't want me back.

Brilliantly though email and ICQ contact was made about a month or so later. We met in the city wearing matching big black coats and all black clothes on a rather hot day. We drove, we sat and talked, we smoked, we laughed. I drove him to where he was staying. I knew this house, I knew the people who lived here. I felt at home here. I stayed the night and we watched movies and had much fun. I still maintain that the best love story is The Crow.

I left the next day rather reluctantly to go to work. "We'll just see what happens"

I had to get some other people out of my system before I would or could commit to this man. I did what I had to and we started going out soon after I had sorted myself out. Anzac day 2000 was the best day ever. We officially were referring to ourselves as a couple.

Six months passed. Many four hour trips up to Geraldton and sleeps in the car later and we were still going pretty strong. We felt like we could be it for each other. The idea of getting married was being kicked around (a lot). Unknown to me, it is a leap year roll reversal tradition where a girl can propose to a guy. I proposed to him and he accepted.

2003 October 25th The big day of I Do. We were so buggered from all the planning and wedding jitters we just went to our friends house and slept after spending one night in a hotel. Thanks guys for that. We didn't have a lot of money for a honeymoon so we postponed it for three years.

I quit smoking Christmas 2004 in preparation for trying for a baby Christmas 2005. He quit July 2005 in his prep. 2006 We find out finally that I am pregnant and I get all soppy over not having had a honeymoon (also we saw that you could go and pat a tiger at Dreamworld for a not so large sum of money) We got planning and at about five months being pregnant we went on our honeymoon. I have never had a holiday of such magnitude ever and to be spending it with My Man was just the best experience.

12th March 2007 I woke at midday feeling pretty rotten like I had eaten something I shouldn't have. I thought maybe this is what being in labor for me is like. They told me it could take a while and so I made some phone calls and told My Man (amongst others) that this might be a happenen thang and then I went shopping. The girls at the service desk of our Woolies all asked when I was due and I told them that I thought I was in labor now to which they mildly freaked out. I told them I would clean up any mess if I made one.

13th of March 2007 Little Man made his debut appearance. We are so very lucky that we have him. He is the most beautiful and intelligent and loving child I know. Now I have another person to care for but in a much more personal and special and loving way that until now was so foreign to me. You just can't explain it you just live it.

October 25th 2008, Our fifth wedding anniversary and although we have had some rough patches we are still going strong. I just can't believe that so much time has passed so effortlessly.

This year we have been married for seven years, our Little Man is turning three and there is still so much we want to do and accomplish together. Our lives are a work in progress and I think we are doing rather well so far. No one is perfect but we can only try and improve what we already have and I think we are well on the way to our goals.
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5th March 2010

12:09am: Yeah I'm talking bout you.....
You did have a hand in what was done to you. I am saying that because you still seem to think it ok to behave as you were. Your support group or enable group seem to let you wanna hurt yourself again.

You were not careful. You didn't tell him you didn't want him to massage you. Men are thick you have to tell them that you don't like shit! A Million times if necessary

You invited or accepted a massage from him AT YOUR OWN PLACE! After you already didn't enjoy or like the one he offered at the con.

I don't think you are fully aware of what "grooming" is. If you were you would be more careful. I think you are still putting yourself in potential harms way.

No I don't think you should run and hide. No I don't think you should stop being you but I do think you should re assess the way you interact with the world. See how some people who could do you harm could get to you and don't let them. Be one or two or more steps ahead. Just be aware cause I don't think you are and your community of friends don't seem to be concerned about warning you differently

Also your information about him having done this before is flawed. These people for one reason or another are lying and I would kindly ask you to not keep spreading more lies. It doesn't help your credibility if you spread shit round.

Although not referring to this tale Dalekboy did have a lovely post about "The worst thing you have ever done" What's the worst thing you have ever done? Think about that.

I know there are a number of things I wouldn't want to be known for. Cruelty, Infidelity, Torture, Lying, Stealing, Murder. The list could go on forever.

Just think about it.
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24th February 2010

12:40am: What to say......
How is a person supposed to know if you aren't liking the way they interact with you especially seeing as none of you out there who have taken issue said so.

You have to say something otherwise people keep acting the way they have always done.

Now if she felt so groped at the con in the foyer and creeped out outside whilest he waited with her, why is it she who invited him back to hers after these ill feelings (I don't know the exact timeframe though) and then ask for or either accept another massage in the nude?

I see no need for nudity for a massage and yet here we are now two or so years past this and still dredging it up.

In order to heal you need to stop poking the wound.

Now please leave us alone we have left you alone and not antagonised you. Only you can change the way you feel about the world not us. If he gets banned I will go and enjoy myself there in his stead.

Know this I will have no problems calling the police if any violence or threats come our way.

I will not be punished when it was nothing of my doing. I will not hide for fear of bumping into you. I have no fear of you.
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1st October 2009

11:35pm: We have a new way of doing things.....
My poor Little Man is a little upset with me at the moment. He doesn't understand why I am brushing his teeth now twice and sometimes three times a day and he is no longer allowed to fall asleep on my boob.

Instead we have boobie earlier in the evening and a cuddle and a book to fall asleep by with a tooth brushing in between.

I am determined to give his baby teeth the best go of it I can give them and up until now we had not had the best brushing and now we are paying the price for it. He has a hole in his tooth which needs fixing and the beginning of decay around the other top teeth. I so totally don't blame breastfeeding for this but I can understand how it may now be keeping me back. If only I had been more vigilant with the brushing.

Fingers crossed we can make a huge dent in the tartar that has built up and not have to do drastic repair and reinforcements cause I don't think that will be fun. We still have to do the repair but if my brushing technique gets better then we won't have to come at the problem with guns firing.

I would still breastfeed to sleep again if that is what it takes to make them happy to sleep but I would be more on the brushing than I have been. Having adult teeth and brushing once a night is enough for me but not so for Little Man.

Fingers crossed.
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16th September 2009

11:45pm: I am a shit parent.....
My boy has a hole in his tooth which needs attention which he will need a general anasthetic for. The dentist seems to think that it was too much juice. I think it was crap pop top bottles and juice and me as a crap parent.

I can't stop fighting with My Man and Little Man sees this too much. Any of it that he sees is too much. And these fights are stupid and OTT.

I just wanted to talk about my day and I ended up having a fight right before his bed time.


Not feeling to crash hot atm.....


God what a sad sack.
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13th August 2009

12:21am: Hell hath no fury.....
And my son hath no verbal cut off switch.

This is fantastic, my Little Man has really started into tones of words and knowing the meaning and using them correctly too. Just in the last month it is like while he was sick with the many colds he seemed to have caught (thankyou idiots at playgroup bringing sick kids) he thought why not work on my vocabulary????

Some mornings he would wake up and start spouting fresh words that the day before he couldn't or wouldn't say. Like they just sorted themselves out while he was a sleepin. He is at over 60 words he can say and lots more he can understand. I hope soon we can have a lovely chat about stuff he likes and wants to talk about. I only have another 10 years before he is a teenager and won't talk to me.

Yeahanyway about the fury bit.....

I gots myself a killer headache atm and tones of stuff I need to do and not enough time to do it in.

Whatever, Mah boiy is ah tawkin at me! Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!
Current Mood: Ecstatic but sore

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20th July 2009

1:04pm: In honour of our first Master Chef.....
We have our first Master Chef,

Julie! Yay, I was hoping that she would win.

Earlier in the season she had made a lemon cup cake called Lemon Diva and I had been hankering to make it since I first saw it.

Last night (knowing that I really should make something to bring to playgroup) I decided to make Lemon Diva for myself. Wow what a beautiful cake. I now know why the judges were so impressed with the flavour (she put the zest of 3 lemons in) she nearly knocked the judges socks off with it.

Anyway didn't end up going to playgroup cause Little Man has a temperature so we are enjoying the cake to ourselves.

Yay Julie
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10th July 2009

12:26am: It goes without saying.....
But..... I'm gunna say it anyway.

(yes I know full well that peoples kids are usually just cute to the parents of them)

I have to share this with people who I think will at the very least see the funny side of the situations.

Little Man was doing something in the lounge and accidentally banged his hand on something.

Little Man: "Ow!"
My Man: "Did you hurt yourself? Do you want me to kiss it better?"
LM: "No Dad."
Then LM proceeds to kiss his own hand better.


And the other night whilst I was watching Master Chef Australia LM was playing with his pots and pans set and his play dough. I was rolling tones of green balls so he could use them as peas in his pot. When it came time on the telly for the 30 second count down.....

Telly: "Alright contestants you have 30 seconds to go!"
LM: "Oh no!"
Then he puts on the speed and starts shuffling the pots around and stirring them like mad.

Later during the same show I was in our kitchen starting dinner and he rushes in holding his biggest pot with his oven mitt.

LM: "It's hot, it's hot!"

He insisted that I put on an oven mitt and put it in the oven. So I did and just for effect I flipped the oven light on (we put it on so that he knows not to touch the oven when we are using it).

About five minutes later I was in the bedroom turning off some random alarm that was going off, (I recon LM had fiddled with the clock) and he runs in and tries to pull me toward the kitchen.

Me: "Is it time to get it out of the oven?"
LM: "Mmm Hmm"

Again he insists on the oven mitts. I just couldn't believe all the funnyness of the situation and the earnest looks he was giving me. It was so a "You had to be there situation" to get the full effect.

It still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

His peas, toy plane, toy car(red of course), play dough cup cake and pancake were all cooked to perfection.
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1st July 2009

12:33am: RIP Michael Jackson.....
You will be sorely missed. I never thought that you would die much less the way you did. I am saddened by your absence. The fact that there will be no more art from you. I feel cheated by the fact that there is now absolutely no chance of meeting you. I have dreamed that we were good friends and hung out together before your performances, you were a gentle soul in my dreams and I don't doubt that you were in real life. I hope that you are in a good place or at least coming back to us again in one form or another.

I was a little saddened also at the news of Farrah Fawcett's tragic passing. It was almost a side note that she had lost her fight with cancer. Yeah I know that I am writing about her second here too but I don't hold her in as high an influence in my life as the entertainment world did. I just would have thought that it should have been announced in order of passing not so called rank of importance or so it seemed.

RIP Farrah Fawcett

I am not doing this because everyone else is (anyone who knows me would know that I am not such a sheep) but because it is the right thing to do.....
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12:18am: Cause someone reminded me.....
I have been hankering to see Iron Man for a good while now and just hired it out from the video store. (he he funny I didn't see any "videos")


I saw it about 2 months ago at a friends house and we had Little Man with us so watching was very disjointed for me as I noticed when he needed something a lot quicker that My Man did (he got way to into it)

But what I saw was absolutely brilliant! I need that film for my very own. Robert Downy Junior is so absolutely beautiful in it. I don't think that guy has looked more..... What is the word I am looking for? Drool comes to mind but that isn't what he looked like perhaps droolworthy or swoon worthy something like that.

I can't help but think that he reminds me of My Man and how absolutely handsome he is. I married a Tony Stark lookalike and I am on cloud nine.

Ye he he he he......

Yeah I know so totally shallow I went for looks first and then found out more about the guy. But you know what? I think I hit the jackpot with him cause he is intelligent and interesting and deeper than just looks. Yeah he can be a total clod sometimes but show me a human being that has never put a foot wrong ever and I will be totally amazed or find out that you either made them lie or that they are a liar.

enough of that now.
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26th June 2009

1:40am: Weird goings on.....
OMG there was a guy tapping on the window of our house at 1.05am.

I looked out of the window expecting that the tapping was just the cat's tail hitting the window cause he saw something he really wanted to pounce but there was a guy there!!!

I did the short sharp intake of breath thing and clapped my hand over my mouth just incase I did make a scream like noise. He saw how freaked I was and was bowing and appologising profusely. I think he just wanted to chat to the cat. It looked like he was just out for a late night walk, saw our cat and thought how about a chat! ODD?????

I am very wary of noises at our front door so late in the night since Christmas 2007. Little Man's first Christmas and we had a lot of stuff stolen from our front doorstep. Our clothes dryer is in the carport and Little Man's brand new, hand made by his Grandmama's blanket was stolen from the dryer along with some of his beautiful baby clothes.

A week later at about the same time I heard a sound out there but thought nothing of it. Again more stuff was stolen from the carport including my car's Christmas present of new wheel covers. I know it was dumb to leave them out there.

On the same time a week later still I heard a noise and decided to investigate.

There sitting on my front porch was a lady of what I am guessing was Mouri decent or possibly Abouriginal not too sure. She was unfurling a plastic bag and had her shoes off and wasn't too hurried or worried looking. Our front door was open to let the breaze through and it is a one way screen unless you have the light on behind you.

My heart stopped. I can only imagine that if I ever were to see a ghost or something else that shouldn't exist or rightly be there this is how I would feel. I started yelling at her to get off my porch and what was she doing there and how dare she even be there. The voice that I heard coming from my mouth was not my own it sounded more like a banshee I guess and it wasn't spoken it was barked out quite forcefully.

I woke my poor brother up he thought that something was seriously wrong with Little Man for me to be yelling like that. I guess the words were of second concern at that stage. The woman leapt up as she hadn't seen me and was quite ruffled but still a little too calm for me, like she had a story already for such an occasion. She said that she was sorry for freaking me out and she was just trying to escape an abusive male friend of hers. Yeah right by hiding on a porch with the light on. Nah not buying that.

I was rather shaken by the whole thing and yet my Little Man slept through the whole thing (yes I have had his hearing checked). I had to wake My Man up and have him give me a cuddle. There is no way in hell that the two weeks leading up to that that she had nothing to do with it. The bag was to stow more stuff and the shoes off was so not to make any noise. We didn't have anything else go after that night strangely enough.

I am still stung bad bout Little Man's things being taken. It was a lovely patchwork quilt with his name and his first Christmas written on it. All that hard work and love stolen to go to some shit's house and be abused. I told the cops and they informed me of a person of interest who lives or lived 3 houses up from me. I have seen them going to and from their house and a woman who looks rather like her does live there.

Shits me to tears.
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1:35am: Face Palm Ville, I'm sure we have all visited.....
Just have to say

Kae_dash rocks.

I hope he doesn't think that I am just a blithering idiot because when I talk to him it is like I am a silly school girl with a crush. I know that I am not the only one to think he is a cool dude but really can't I get a grip on myself just enough to have a decent conversation with the guy???

Yeah anyway just thought that I would share that with the interwebs.
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16th June 2009

12:46am: Feeling very un.....
Un :

Happy, thought of, healthy, interesting, inspired, prepared, friendly, dressed, cool.

Shit please don't let me go emo.
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4th June 2009

10:20pm: The taste of.....
I finished eating my dinner tonight (Yummy stuffed capsicums as made by sexyman) and just as I was swallowing the last bit I caught a taste of.....


Yes that's right, the year 1986.

It is definitely not something I would have eaten back then. In fact the day in particular it reminded me of, I am almost 100% certain that I had a vegimite sandwich for lunch as it was the day that my school took me to Adventure World for the first time and I always had them for school lunch.

It didn't remind me of my lunch just the time and the place.

Weird how I have that association for that taste. I'll bet that if I eat my left overs for lunch tomorrow I will not have a repeat taste sensation. I can't even describe the flavour cause it is such a personal memory for me. It was almost like I had breathed in the air of that time and place again. Sorry that is the closest I can come to how it felt to remember in such a fashion.
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12:12am: lest we forget.....
I would just like to say thanks and farewell Jack Ross.

Our last Aussie digger has past on at the amazing age of 110. Not to forget all the other brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect their country but he is the last and so I comment.

Thank you all for your protection. I live what I think is a pretty good life and it is alot to do with these people. I am safe and free because of them, I am able to be whatever I want because of them. Australia is a great place to live because of them.

Thank you seems like it just really isn't enough but I have to say something.

Thank you all.
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2nd June 2009

12:05am: Met some celebs today.....
I was at the Gwellup fun run this morning and I saw Bob and Tiffany from the biggest loser show being interviewed by the channel 10 crew. I hung around for a bit whilest they said their piece and then I walked over and introduced myself (very badly now that I come to think of it) and shook their hands and told them that they did a fantastic job and congratulations on winning the show.

I also asked them if it was in their contracts to say the word journey when referring to their biggest loser competition efforts. Not surprisingly they said yes they had to say it but now they have finished the show they are at a loss as to which word would best replace it so they seem to be stuck using it at the moment. Poor guys. They seem like lovely people and I wish them well with their efforts to stay healthy and happy. I know the money that they won has gone to a good home. I was really hoping that they would win.

I taped the interview on the telly when it came on and low and behold I am in the background with Little Man for a few seconds. My third time on telly and Little Man's first.

Well that's all for the moment now back to the journey of life.....
Current Mood: Chuffed

(Walk under the cow?)

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